DNA Test: The "Anima Genomics" project's born


DNA tests more and more complete and at lower costs.

This is the goal of Anima Genomics, a project launched by the Aquila-based Dante Labs, specialized in DNA sequencing and Covid tests and swabs.

The details were illustrated during a press conference held in L'Aquila at Palazzo Pica Alfieri in the presence of Andrea Riposati, managing director of Dante Labs and the director of Tecnopolo d'Abruzzo (where Dante Labs' laboratories are based) Roberto Romanelli. The meeting was also attended by the mayor of L'Aquila Pierluigi Biondi and the testimonial of the project - which will be officially launched on 19 September in Montesilvano (at 9 in the Pala Dean Martin, Centro Congressi, via Aldo Moro 6) -, the popular TV presenter Claudio Lippi.

Dna tests are the key element of the so-called predictive medicine, consisting of all the genetic information that can help determine some possible diseases to which the body may be naturally predisposed and provide, where possible, any indications to prevent them with the correction cause, in most cases related to lifestyle, or through early diagnosis.

Thanks to Anima Genomics, explained Andrea Riposati, the tests will be much cheaper and will have lower costs, within everyone's reach.