Risk of contagion in schools


The hottest topic in this historical moment is that linked to the (safe) reopening of schools. The management of the simultaneous presence of several people within the same indoor space is raising doubts and uncertainties regarding the imminent resumption of educational paths.

In reality, the problem arises again for any activity (including work) that includes the same organizational and logistical dynamics. Let's think, for example, of private vocational training schools, qualifying courses, etc.

The months that have just passed have shown us how it is possible to avoid risky situations by adopting remote working solutions even via teleconference. But when this is not possible in the long run, what should be done?

Safety and hygiene at school: what are the main prerequisites?

We have already said in other themed articles how fundamental is the role of air and surface hygiene in closed environments that require the simultaneous presence of several individuals.

In the first case, rule number one is to ensure frequent and regular ventilation of the rooms avoiding the saturation of the air and favoring a circulation of clean air.

When it comes to the ventilation of the rooms, one is immediately led to think about the action of opening the windows. In reality, especially in environments located within metropolitan areas or cities, the quality of the outdoor air is often equally (if not more) contaminated than the domestic air. In these cases, favoring the entry of air from the outside may not be enough and the ideal solution is to resort to effective and safe air purification systems.

The same goes for surfaces. The alcohol-based products most in use at the moment are very useful for keeping the bacterial load under control and, more generally, the state of hygiene of objects and surfaces. Yet it is still a mechanical action (that of sanitation) carried out at intervals. Continuously and regularly guaranteeing the sanitization of surfaces is possible only through the use of tools capable of carrying out this function in total autonomy and without the need for continuous human intervention.

Pupils, teachers and hygiene staff: a synergistic prevention system

As it has been possible to read everywhere for months, the first prevention must be guaranteed by the individual through the application of good safety practices.

Appropriate distancing, correct use of PPE and adoption of correct lifestyles are the basis of all the first safety measures to be put in place.

In situations where the sharing of spaces, objects and surfaces cannot be avoided, it is essential to use tools capable of carrying out a targeted and effective action both on the ambient air and those around it and on the surfaces.

Desks, chairs, pens, door and window handles and other components of the school environment are continuously contaminated even only by the agents present within the air itself.

The ActivePure® technology used inside the Beyond and Pure & Clean air purification and surface sanitation tools allow a constant purification action of air and surfaces thanks to the use of a completely natural process free of harmful substances for humans .

Precisely for this reason it has been used in particularly delicate structures such as hospitals and pharmacies to ensure total control over the quality of air and surfaces. If you need information on air purification tools with ActivePure® technology, contact us by clicking on the following button, we will reply as soon as possible.