Air pollution in the home and office


Air pollution today represents a real danger, but the mistake that many make is to think that it is only the smog that we breathe in the city that puts our health at risk.

Unfortunately, however, even within the home we are in danger, indeed often the air we breathe at home is even more harmful than what we find outside. This is because the polluting microparticles inevitably also enter closed environments every time we ventilate and are added to the substances produced by our daily activities. We are therefore not safe at home and we run even more risks than when we are outdoors.

Defend ourselves from polluted air

Fortunately, today we can defend ourselves from domestic air pollution by using specific devices, which have the function of filtering all the substances and microparticles that risk infiltrating our lungs. It's certainly no coincidence that air purifiers are experiencing a boom in sales in recent years: the awareness of this problem is fortunately increasing. More and more people are aware of the risks associated with air pollution and it's enough to consult official sources to get the picture of the situation. According to WHO data, 1 in 9 people in the world die from respiratory tract diseases caused by exposure to ozone, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and other polluting particles produced by human activity.

These substances are not seen, but they are present in the air we breathe and when we are at home we cannot consider ourselves safe because they accumulate, without the possibility of dispersing as it happens in outdoor environments. This is why an air purifier is today the optimal solution: it allows us to clean the air and protects us from these substances, which would end up in our respiratory tract.

It's important, but it isn't enough

To prevent pollutants from accumulating in the home, it is important to ventilate frequently, opening the windows and turning the air. In this way we can in fact prevent the dangerous accumulation of harmful microparticles found in the atmosphere and which, if present in higher concentrations, represent a higher risk to health.

Unfortunately, however, ventilating is not enough to protect yourself from atmospheric pollution, because city smog enters the house. If therefore opening the windows can help us prevent an excessive concentration of harmful particles, it is equally true that it brings new ones into the house.

The only way we have nowadays to breathe healthy and clean air inside the home environment is to use a purifier equipped with HEPA filters. The best solution is to keep the purification device on 24 hours a day in order to filter all the particles that are most dangerous for the respiratory tract and thus avoid inhaling them without even realizing it.

Children and the elderly: they're the most at risk

The subjects most at risk of experiencing problems due to the polluted air they breathe are children and the elderly. Therefore, they deserve particular attention and it's above all the bedrooms that should be constantly purified since it is in these rooms that the main pollutants tend to accumulate.