DNA Sequencing

Anima Genomics's the leading company in the field of genomics, the vanguard in the world scientific panorama. We offer the most complete and advanced DNA tests in the world, capable of providing detailed and useful reports to embark on a path of health and prevention that lasts for a lifetime.

It took years of research, experimentation, investment, but in the end we succeeded.

Anima Genomics believes in the importance of knowledge as a fundamental element of the human being, and we have managed to make it available to everyone. It uses the most advanced technologies for both Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and laboratory automation. All to generate results of excellent quality and accuracy.

It allows you to discover all your DNA, the book which contains the information necessary for the complex machine that characterizes every living organism to function.

It allows you to discover the instruction booklet of your life.

Discovering your genetic variants is today the best way to take a proactive approach towards your health.

With our tests, we can quantify the genetic risk for more than 160 diseases and conditions. Furthermore, the quantification of genetic risk is accompanied by the preparation of a personalized prevention plan that will guide you on a path that will improve your existence forever.


The Pharmacogenomic Report

With our Pharmacogenomics report, you can finally find out how your body reacts to taking more than 125 drugs.

How many times has your doctor told you: "Let's try this drug and see what happens"? Well: with our DNA tests, your doctor will be able to prescribe the most suitable drugs for you, those based on your genetic makeup. This represents a real Copernican revolution in medicine.

The Nutrigenomic Report

Through knowledge and awareness of the way your body metabolizes carbohydrates and fats, you will be able to find out how to build your perfect meal.

You will be able to find out which food you are intolerant or averse to.

Take your health in hand with our personalized nutritional advice based on your genetic make-up. With Anima Genomics, you will unlock the power of your genes to take a new approach to nutrition


The Scientific Fitness Report

The Anima Genomics Scientific Fitness Report was developed in collaboration with scientists, coaches and professional sportsmen and our aim is to provide advice on the type of physical exercise to adopt in order to maximize your training.

The body is an intelligent machine that must be learned to use, especially when it comes to physical activity. Get personalized advice on how to best optimize it.

The Health and Wellness Report

Created by physicians and clinical geneticists, our Health and Wellness report analyzes your DNA and transforms your sequencing data into clear, actionable information for your health.

We offer you genetic risk information for over 160 diseases and conditions (including hereditary cancers, heart disease, metabolic disorders, general diseases and conditions such as diabetes, celiac disease, appendicitis, kidney stones, ulcerative colitis). Use the advice and information obtained to undertake a prevention path that lasts a lifetime.


Genomic data is an extremely powerful tool.

In fact, genes do not change over time. What changes is the evolution of science which, every day, discovers something more about human DNA.

Getting regular updates would mean keeping up with the latest scientific news. Make your DNA the best investment of your life.

Anima Genomics keeps abreast of all new scientific discoveries and offers you a five-year upgrade plan.

Periodically, your reports will be updated on the basis of the studies just completed in the scientific field and the information contained within them will change automatically.