Water Purifier  - Full

Cold and sparkling natural water dispenser, microfiltered and debacterized. The Full dispenser is characterized and distinguished by its functionality, ease of use and excellent value for money.

The result of over ten years of experience of expert designers and their obsessive passion for technology research, quality of materials and Made in Italy design, the Full dispenser belongs to an emerging category of appliances that help us to live healthier and better. supporting the body in the correct balance of our metabolism.

Silence, compactness and design make it an ideal partner for every family and / or community, an ideal friend for daily use at home, in the office or at school.

Each type of dispenser offers its users a large quantity of filtered sparkling water, fresh or at room temperature, always ready for use and constant after-sales support.

Technological and hygienic safety is guaranteed by the electronic filter life control devices through the "chip card" system that allows you to monitor in real time all the vital functions of the dispenser



Microfiltration is a filtration process that removes solid particles from a fluid by passing it through a microporous membrane.

At times micro-perforated copper or silver flakes are added to the microfiltration of the water, as these metals are natural antibacterial and an articulated pre-filtration process is preceded, based on the use of natural active ingredients (plant activated carbon) capable of collecting and retaining for a long time sediments, chlorine and other pollutants


AHT- Advanced Hygienic Touchscreen

In public places, offices or schools, the dispenser is frequently used by many people who share the contact with the classic dispensing "button".

In the gap between the classic "button" and the surface of the dispenser itself, a residue of dirt is created which becomes the ideal ground for the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.

To completely eliminate this unpleasant and dangerous inconvenience, there is the AHT- Advanced Hygienic Touchscreen. Consisting of a flat, smooth and fully touch screen keyboard, the AHT has no "dangerous" interstices and is therefore easy to clean and guarantees absolute hygiene.


We use a UV technology that exploits the ability of ultraviolet rays to block the reproduction of DNA, thus destroying every microbe.

The water is made to flow into a special chamber and irradiated with a sufficient dose of ultraviolet rays.


One of the most difficult problems to solve - relating to the proliferation of the bacterial load inside the dispensers - is the stagnation of water inside the circuit. After each single delivery of water, a small amount remains trapped inside the dispensing point nozzle.

It is theoretically possible that the user may not use the dispenser even for a few days (e.g. during holidays or weekends) and the water in the nozzle in contact with the environment may become unpleasant. To solve this problem we use 03 TECH - Ozone Nozzle Sanification.

This revolutionary technology consists in completely emptying both the solenoid valves and the circuit that connects them to the delivery point after every single water supply; then the terminal part of the dispensing circuit is sanitized using the Ozone, produced inside the dispenser itself.

If the dispenser is not used, a periodic sanitization cycle is still carried out. In this way, the drastic reduction of the bacterial load developed on the nozzle is obtained.

Energy saving is the set of behaviors, processes and interventions that make it possible to reduce the consumption of energy necessary for carrying out the various activities.

Savings must be achieved both by changing our habits so that there is less waste, and by using technologies that can transform energy from one form to another more efficiently, that is, improving energy efficiency



We produce water dispensers that can easily replace the use of bottled mineral water and significantly contribute to both the reduction of C02 emissions and the reduction of the pollution level of our planet with billions of plastic bottles. Plastic bottles take around 7 centuries before they completely decompose and around 80% of those used are not recycled.

In Italy, an average of 270 liters /person of mineral water and soft drinks are consumed every year, equivalent to 180 bottles of 1.5 liters. The environmental impact is equal to the consumption of 22 liters of oil and 108 liters of water (used for production and transport) in addition to the emission of 23 kg of C02.