About Us

    Space Technology has been working for some time in the corporate networking sector, focusing mainly on the sector of well-being and prevention for personal health in the home and business.

    Space Technology offers professional opportunities to anyone who wants to devote themselves to the business networking sector to grow and become an entrepreneur. In light of these premises, our project mainly envisages two objectives:

  • provide families and companies with products for well-being and health prevention, carefully chosen by us on the basis of certifications, exclusive technologies, the quality of manufacturing and the materials used;
  • provide an entrepreneurial opportunity to be realized in franchising, which does not involve economic investment by the franchisees. The project has been and will always be open to everyone and to all social categories, regardless of school education or financial resources. Our goal is to involve ordinary people in an all-Italian project who, through work, perseverance and dedication and respect for business ethics, can be trained as independent entrepreneurs.
  • Andrea Lorenzelli - CEO Space Technology

    Eleonora Pizzoli - Dps - Human Resources